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Cider can be installed from a variety of sources.

Homebrew (macOS/Linux)

brew install cidertool/tap/cider

Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add cider
scoop install cider


docker run --rm \
    --volume $PWD:/app \
    --workdir /app \
    --env ASC_KEY_ID \
    --env ASC_ISSUER_ID \
    --env ASC_PRIVATE_KEY \
    cidertool/cider release

Pre-built Binary

Download the specific version for your platform on Cider’s releases page.

Compile from Source

git clone
cd cider
go build -o cider ./cmd/cider

From there, you can use your locally-built Cider binary for whatever purposes you need. Cider requires Go 1.16 or higher to be installed.

Missing your favorite?

Please file an issue!