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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Cider to upload builds?

Cider is not designed to replace altool, the recommended Apple-provided tool for validating and uploading archives to Xcode. That tool has an exceptionally well-documented manpage and comes with stability guarantees from the platform-holder. Please use Cider to submit your builds once they’ve been uploaded and completed processing.

Can I use an Apple ID to authenticate?

No. Cider is built on the backbone of Apple’s official App Store Connect API, and a valid JSON Web Token generated from an issuer ID, key ID and private key are essential components in generating a compliant token. Create a key for a user on your team with the App Manager role by following Apple’s documentation and use those credentials in your CI environment. If you ever need to revoke these credentials, you can do so by following these instructions.

How is this different from Fastlane/Spaceship?

Spaceship, and by extension Fastlane, are designed to be customizable for a variety of features and functions. You can do largely do anything, but that comes with the inherent overhead that “anything” entails. Spaceship has served Fastlane and the broader Apple development community well for years, but the investment cost can’t be denied. Additionally, Spaceship was originally designed around Apple’s private iTunes Connect API, and its migration to the official App Store Connect API has been slow. Cider has been designed with simplicity and portability in mind, which has required limiting its scope from “anything”. In addition, Cider has been built around the App Store Connect API from the very beginning. What you get is a tool that is useful out-of-the-box, with simple configuration options, that runs quickly anywhere.